Woah, is it February already?  Where the heck did January go?  One minute we were in the run-up to the festive season and suddenly…. a considerable chunk of 2020 has already gone.

At Enso Accountants, a lot has happened. From our Manchester base, not only have we been nominated for two incredible awards this year, we’ve also launched some other inspiring ventures. 

Even at this early stage, 2020 is set to be a landmark year for the business as we continue to utilise the latest innovations in technology. Our philosophy has always been to innovate with technology and equip our clients with the tools to innovate themselves.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Let’s row back a little bit to Christmas 2019.  Hopefully, you all had a great time, indulged yourselves a little and received some exciting gifts.  I certainly did, and the best of the bunch was a set of Apple Airpods.  

To be fair, I’d avoided buying them for myself because it did seem a lot of cash for a set of wireless earphones. However, I’ve now used them and been blown away by the many useful features of these superbly designed earphones. Suffice to say I’m now a convert.  

I’ve enthusiastically added my Airpods to my growing collection of Apple products, and I’m not alone!

The Medium Is The Message

Philosopher Marshall McLuhan famously argued that when studying mass media, we should pay as much attention to the medium used to send a message as to the message itself. In this case, the ‘medium’ would be Apple Airpods.  And when you look into the impact of this product in the short time it’s been around it seems McLuhan was right.  Here are the facts:

Airpods have generated $12 billion of revenue. Annual revenue growth is running at 125% while delivering Apple an estimated 30-50% in gross margins.

That’s after just two years!

When you compare these numbers with the combined revenues from ‘message’ deliverers like Spotify, Twitter, Snap, and Shopify you’ll find that Airpods’ financials are way out in front. 

The truth of the matter is they’re only just getting going.  Only around 10% of Apple users have a set of Airpods, so revenue growth is virtually assured.  Add in the upgrade strategy that Apple applies to all its product range, (such as the recently released Airpods Pro), and the forward potential is astronomical. 

We’d all love to have a business like that!

A Powerful Combination

The lessons here are many. There’s the enduring power of a globally recognised brand. A company philosophy based on disrupting established markets. That good design always sells and that it’s vital to innovate continually.  

These are the ideas that motivate me, and that underpin the work I’m doing at Enso (and in other business areas, more on these later). 

It may take a little while longer for me to give Apple a run for their money but by applying their strategies in my chosen markets, I’m confident of continued success for my business and the clients who trust me to help them with theirs.  

If you want to bring some of the same ideas to your financial management then why not call my team today on 07792 686479 or email me at adam@meetenso.co.uk and let’s talk about how we can help one another, maybe whilst using our Apple Airpods!

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