When I started Enso in 2018, I set some clear objectives.  Naturally my primary goal was to provide professional accounting services to SMEs using the skills I’d acquired working for large management consultancies.

Second, and just as important, I wanted to help my customers harness the power of financial accounting software like Xero. Core to my mission is setting up my clients’ tech’ taking away time-consuming admin’ so I can devote time to discussing how they can grow their firms and go on to greater success.

With two years of successful growth under my belt, I’m delighted to say that those objectives have served my customers and me very well.

Happily, my emphasis on the use of tech’ has been invaluable during these trying times. Indeed Covid-19 has allowed me to add new strings to the Enso bow and continue to serve my clients to the same high standards.

Like many businesses, Enso has embraced video conferencing as a way to deliver our services. I could have chosen Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts, but having looked at the options, Microsoft Teams is my platform of choice.

, The Power Of Teams

A New Way Of Working

We’re all getting into the swing of using vid conf platforms. We’ve overcome the initial challenges of getting an account and logging on. We’ve learned how to pause between speakers to keep the conversation flowing and have stopped fretting about how the books look on the shelves behind us.

From being absolute beginners, we’re now seasoned users and discovering some of the genuinely useful features of our chosen software. Microsoft Teams has some exceptional features.  Here are those I’m finding invaluable:

Choosing Your Team

As well as my colleagues, I can set up a client as a team and include all the people in the business who need my help. There’s no limit to how many people can be in a team, so full collaboration is always assured. Every team can have unique settings for user privileges such as editing and uploading content. And a team, once established can interact on the phone, by SMS, as well as share files and video. MS Teams allows for easy communication, quick decision making and timely follow up. That’s so important in the ever-changing world in which we are living.

Teams Are Everywhere

A new team can be created quickly and easily in the desktop version or mobile app (on all platforms). This means you can set up and interact with a team from anywhere in the world. All you need is a device and a network. Many of us will currently be working primarily from home, but there’s nothing to stop you having a Teams meeting while having your daily walk or while queueing for essentials at your local Sainsburys.  It’s really that flexible.

Efficient Collaboration

MS Teams is part of the Office 365 software suite that includes SharePoint, One Note and Planner. A team can put documents into one or all of these repositories, ensuring everyone has access when and where they need them.  Designated users can update the content as required. This makes real-time collaboration a breeze. There’ll be no more email trails, voice messages or diverging versions of essential documents. Every member of the team will always be up to date and ready to take the next vital decision.

The Future Of Business Communications

Covid-19 continues to challenge us all and is still causing a great deal of worry and heartache. That’s why it’s important we look for the good things we can take from the crisis to add to our lives for when the virus is put back in its box.

For Enso, the move to MS Teams will be a lasting legacy. It’s another brilliant example of tech’ making business life simpler, more responsive and genuinely collaborative.

Suffice to say I’m now a convert.

If you want to add Enso to your team call me today on 07792 686479 or email me at adam@meetenso.co.uk

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