Don’t know about you but it seems that the Coronavirus has now permeated everything.  Our every thought and action seems to be dominated by the bug. It’s changed our behaviours and the way we work. Our lives appear laden with risk and dire consequence.  Alas, even after almost half a year in the shadow of Covid-19, the news is not brightening.


It looks like we’re going to be living with this viral interloper for the foreseeable future.  Of course, caution is essential to ensure we keep our loved ones safe and sustain the hope that life will one day return to normal. At the same time, we need to try and secure the future and look forward to the day when we consign the Coronavirus to history.


We also need to find the silver lining in all of this.  What’s changed for the better?  What aspects of this ‘new normal’ will become permanent? Are there any benefits we can find in these unprecedented circumstances?


Let’s have a go.


Family Is Everything


It really is, especially when the world turns upside down!  Working from home has afforded me much more quality time with my young family. Sharing life’s simple joys with my wife and Kinana my two-year-old son is a revelation.  I’ve been able to see him develop and, as he’s so young, see how wonderful it is to be utterly carefree.  He doesn’t worry about the virus. All he wants is to play, laugh, learn and add to his ever-growing mess.


It’s been a joy to see him get on with life, and it’s been both a real moment of escape and a useful injection of perspective for his Mum and me.  That said, I’m not sure how much Paw Patrol I can watch!


, The Lowdown On The Lockdown


Tech Has Stepped Up


As you know, Enso is all about tech’ and its ability to change the way we work.  And what a difference tech’ has made is getting us through the crisis.  What would we have done without cloud-based systems, smart apps, virtual working and teleconferencing?


Vast numbers of workers have woken up to the fact that previously underused tech’ is profoundly useful.  My prediction is that some of these ‘new’ ways of working will become part of the ‘new normal’. The old-school habits of face to face meetings and tedious travel will scale back and the unnecessary ‘presentism’ of always being in the office shown for the waste of time and energy it is.


All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe


At the height of the lockdown, there was a subtle but perceptible change.  Without a line of cars doing the daily commute or school run, the environment improved significantly. The air was sweeter. The sky became bluer, the stars in the night sky weren’t obscured by a smoky haze. Grass and foliage seemed more vividly green. In short, the world became appreciably more pleasant, and our one hour walks in nature were more enjoyable.


It’s easy to wax lyrical, but it’s also a wakeup call that showed clearly the impact we’re all having on the planet.  While the reason for the change was unexpected and dramatic, the message remains clear. We all need to do a little more to save resources and preserve the world for future generations.


The Adaptability Of UK Business


Whether it’s PPE suppliers ramping up production or distillers making hand sanitiser, we’ve seen how UK businesses have stepped up to the Covid-19 challenge. For some companies, it’s been and remains a rough ride.  I’ve spent a lot of my time helping Enso clients to change plans, navigate the government schemes and support their workers. And I’ve been impressed by the UK’s business resilience and our ability to adapt to the constraints imposed on us all.


I suspect we’ll need to flex these muscles a lot more over the next few years and adopt a responsive and agile mindset to navigate the choppy waters that lie ahead.  It’ll be challenging, but the sheer grit and resilience shown by the UK corporate community during the crisis gives me hope.


Every Little Helps


Some might say these are slim pickings compared to the many difficulties caused by the virus. I wouldn’t disagree, but we must always look for the good in what seems a tsunami of bad.


Look closely, and there are some profound issues here which I hope will permanently change our lives for the better and which we can all agree were tangible benefits when we’re looking back on the crisis.


As for me, I’m off to watch yet another episode Paw Patrol with Kinana so it’s all good!


The Enso team are here to help all businesses determined to overcome the current difficulties and find a better future so if you need some help finding the good in your business finances then call me today on 0161 917 7864 or email me at adam@meetenso.co.uk

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