Are You Ready For IR35?

19th Mar 2021

Having just read that sentence, I suspect there are many freelancers, independent consultants and contractors whose blood just froze. IR35 rules are like the killer in a low budget horror film. Just when you thought they were finally gone, they jump out to scare the pants off you, again.   Well, sorry folks, it’s back. […]

So Much To Reflect On

7th Jan 2021

I hope you enjoyed my recent blog on how the lockdowns have inspired me, my family and my business. It was useful to reflect on the many learning points that the trials of 2020 have offered and to find some unexpected but welcome optimism.    How many times have we heard the terms ‘unprecedented,’ ‘once in a […]

Brexit – A Brave New World (part one)

16th Dec 2020

As I write the UK and EU are in the final throws of trying to bash out a post-Brexit trade deal. The atmosphere is fraught with issues of fishing, state aid and the future governance of whatever arrangements they can hammer out (or otherwise).   Whatever happens, things are going to change. Whether we get […]

The Lowdown On The Lockdown

7th Dec 2020

Don’t know about you but it seems that the Coronavirus has now permeated everything.  Our every thought and action seems to be dominated by the bug. It’s changed our behaviours and the way we work. Our lives appear laden with risk and dire consequence.  Alas, even after almost half a year in the shadow of […]

5 Of The Best Co-Working Benefits For Start-Ups

20th Sep 2019

If you haven’t noticed the massive boom in co-working spaces in recent years, where have you been? Co-working spaces are everywhere. They’re popping up in towns and cities throughout the UK. Co-working space is big business. These businesses are serving the needs of start-ups the world over offering a range of benefits uniquely aligned to […]

5 Bizarre Products We Pay VAT On

15th Jul 2019

If you read my recent blog, you’ll have a good understanding of what VAT is and how it affects your business. Even now, I doubt you enjoy calculating and paying your VAT return. The sensible amongst you will leave it to your accountant to sort it out, but, alas, there’s no avoiding it. Sorry about […]

5 Steps to Setup a Start-up

9th Jun 2018

I have done this several times for myself and I have also done this for many, many clients! There is a lot more to it than registering your company. Here I will show you all the things you should think about, and I’ll throw in a few tools I’m personally using.