I hope you enjoyed my recent blog on how the lockdowns have inspired me, my family and my business. It was useful to reflect on the many learning points that the trials of 2020 have offered and to find some unexpected but welcome optimism. 


How many times have we heard the terms ‘unprecedented,’ ‘once in a generation’ or ‘extraordinary’ to describe what Coronavirus has brought to our world? If those words described a ‘normal’ year, we would all be smiling from ear to ear at the many rewards that 2020 delivered.


Alas, that wasn’t the case, but, despite everything, I’ve seen some significant progress.

, So Much To Reflect On


Ready, Set, Go (Then Stop)!


My exciting plans for 2020 started with a trip to Japan to kick off what I hope you’ll agree is a remarkable venture. In late 2019 I became a part-owner of a firm called Monkey Karts.


This company offers tourists the opportunity to race the streets of Tokyo in a custom build go-cart.  To amp up the grin factor you can don a colourful monkey suit for your rip-roaring drive.


As FD, I developed the strategic plan, attracted growth funding and implemented the core financial systems required to ensure ongoing cashflow. While the C-19 pandemic has inevitably challenged this business, my strategies are protecting the company for when things improve. 


When the pandemic is all over it’s going to be ‘chocks away’ for Monkey Karts!


Protecting My Clients


If this year proved anything, it’s that the Enso USP of leveraging the power of finance tech has made life considerably simpler for our clients. Our approach has been vital in navigating the challenges clients have experienced in the face of C-19.

The tech-based financial solutions we implement enable the Enso team to provide informed support 24/7, knowing we’ll always have the right information to give timely, pin-sharp guidance. 


Using Microsoft Teams to enable our virtual comms we provided revised cashflows, support for  applications for government funding and advice on business changes required to ensure continuity.  As my client Mark Evans from Little Black Dress kindly said:


“Enso were fantastic in analysing our business as a whole and designed a plan in how we should be running our finances. Their experience was perfect in understanding what we currently did and how we should move forward into the 21st century of cloud accounting and automation. ”

I’m proud to say that our unwavering belief in finance tech has helped Enso to fully support our clients through this year’s difficulties. The tech-based processes we employ have played a crucial role in helping every single Enso client weather the storm and be set fair for the recovery.


Protecting The Future


In late 2020, alongside respected life science academics, I joined the board of Paeonia Ltd, a pioneering business that aims to tackle the problem of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. 

This firm markets a series of innovative cleaning and additive products for the medical, agri and domestic sectors that tackle the resistance problem. For my part, I’m bringing the firm its commercial edge and managing our strategic plan that will bring revenues of £15m with a growable market share of 1% by 2025.


Of all the businesses I’m involved with Paeonia Lifesciences is the one that’s facing up to a growing existential threat that we know needs tackling with the utmost urgency.


I’ll update you on this vital business as we make further developments in 2021.


A Personal Journey


As I write, the crisis has taken a disturbing turn with an aggressive new variant of the virus and the closure of ports and airports. We all knew Christmas 2020 was going to be difficult, but these developments bring further worry. Given my brush with C-19 in November, I can only encourage my clients and readers to do the right thing and make all efforts to protect you and yours.  


We equally know 2021 is going to be challenging for when the Brexit process concludes and we see the circumstances in which we’ll go forward. 


Despite everything, I remain optimistic. The vaccines have arrived, and the rollout is underway. We’re all experienced in living and working with the virus, so we need to grit our collective teeth and see this thing through. 


And most important, I’ve seen what we can achieve when we all pull together. I’m sure the ongoing spirit of mutual support will be one of the vital factors that will get us through the remainder of 2020 and onto whatever comes next.


I’ll finish by hoping you and your family have the best festive season you can. 


And to my clients; be assured the Enso team stands ready to give you our dedicated support for whatever the new year has to offer.  

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