Continuing my series on accounting technology, I thought it was about time I talked about Starling Bank, a real disruptor in the banking sector. You may have seen some of their adverts on the TV, the one with the Airstream food trailer and wondered what it is, what it offers and why it is different.
Well, awareness about Starling is certainly growing, and it’s proof positive that there’s genuine change afoot in the business banking sector. An explosion of new banking models that are SME-friendly and tech’ savvy. Starling ticks all those boxes with their new business account.
Speaking generally, this is an excellent thing.  With issues like ‘Making Tax Digital’ in the pipeline and ever more onerous reporting rules, anything that simplifies the financial lives of my clients and the ever-growing band of micro-entrepreneurs should rightly be celebrated.
Of course, there may be a few of you out there who are oblivious to mass advertising and will be wondering what I’m on about. Well, fear not I’m here to help. Let’s talk up Starling.


Business Banking Takes Flight

Like Enso, Starling is doing things differently. It wants to break the tired old high street bank approach to small business finances by providing an account and app with features and benefits that a small, agile SME requires.

They’ve designed the Starling account with the entrepreneur in mind. They say it’s ‘business banking but better’. I’m glad to say it’s far better for accountants too which means that accountancy professionals can spend more of their time driving strategic value for business clients. Adopters will soon find it’s an innovative and intelligent banking product that understands the SME and consumer markets, providing just what they need to help drive their own business forward.

Here are just a few of the useful ideas they’ve incorporated into a Starling account.

  • An intuitive app meaning you can manage your account 24/7 – no bother!
  • Use the Post Office network to make cash deposits and transactions.
  • Easy categorisation of spend. See where your cash is going and get powerful spending insights
  • The ability to set goals. Putting cash aside to pay for new equipment, marketing or moving to a new office.
  • Easy integration with Xero and a host of other useful add-ins covering insurance, a credit facility and even the ability to collect retailer loyalty points!
  • Allow your accountant access so they can sort it all out in real time while you do more important stuff.
  • Sensibly priced. It’s free to have a Starling account; all you pay are the lo-cost transaction fees as they arise
  • Of course, it’s a fully regulated UK bank account with all the statutory protections you would expect.


‘A Modern Business Account’ 


That’s how the Starling team describe their account. For my part, I absolutely agree. It’s another superb example of clear-headed thinking and the use of tech as a business enabler. It’s a well-designed, intuitive and excellent value product.

Best of all, it harmonises the relationship between a business and their accountant so that both can concentrate on the things that matter. Safe in the knowledge that Starling and Xero are working in the background keeping the finances in perfect order. Ultimately, Starling when used in conjuntion with cloud based accountancy software and a forward thinking accountancy practice will enable real advancement.

Maybe it’s time you let your business take flight with the help of an award-winning Starling account and the power of Xero?

If you want my help to make your business to fly with a Starling Account and Xero call my team today on 07792 686479 or email me at adam@meetenso.co.uk and let’s talk about helping your business to really take off.


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