What we love about Xero is both the ease of use and the functionality. I think of it as the Apple IOS of accounting software. It is so clean and it is all in the cloud. The cloud means that the software is built online rather than onto your desktop, so you can access the data from any device, and from wherever you are. This is important as you can check real time information constantly to gain valued information about your finances. Most importantly however is the number of add on partners it has. The last time I checked it was over 500! Having so many add on partners allows us to create a bespoke accounting package perfect for your needs. Usually the costs of bespoke software could cost upwards of £100,000, however using Xero, we can provide an affordable package.

Receipt Bank

The best thing about Receipt Bank is the time it saves you and your business. We can set Receipt Bank up for you so that it is accessible on your phone, allowing you to snap your receipts as you go. We can link Receipt Bank to Xero so it is constantly updating for that real time information. Receipt Bank allows you to stop worrying about collecting a physical copy of every single receipt. We are so excited to use Receipt Bank for your business.

Starling Bank

Like Enso, Starling is doing things differently. It wants to break the tired old high street bank approach to small business finances by providing and account and app with features and benefits that a small, agile SME requires. They’ve designed the Starling account with the entrepreneur in mind. They say it’s ‘business banking but better’ and I’m glad to say it’s better for accountants too. Adopters will soon find it’s an innovative and intelligent banking product that understands the SME and consumer markets and provides just what they need.



The problem with tracking cash flow is its complexity and volatility.  Good cash flow today can rapidly transform into a financial emergency by the end of the week.  There are numerous cogs and wheels at work, and accurate cash flow accounting needs many parts of the business to be in synch.

Happily, there’s Fluidly to help bail you out.

Fluidly is a subscription software that takes the hard work out of cash flow analysis. By integrating it with your accounting software, it starts to break down your ongoing cash flow into easy to understand reports.

And yes, it integrates seamlessly with Xero which is just one more reason to love it.