What we love about Xero is both the ease of use and the functionality. I think of it as the Apple IOS of accounting software. It is so clean and it is all in the cloud. The cloud means that the software is built online rather than onto your desktop, so you can access the data from any device, and from wherever you are. This is important as you can check real time information constantly to gain valued information about your finances. Most importantly however is the number of add on partners it has. The last time I checked it was over 500! Having so many add on partners allows us to create a bespoke accounting package perfect for your needs. Usually the costs of bespoke software could cost upwards of £100,000, however using Xero, we can provide an affordable package.

Power BI

The best thing about Power BI is the bespoke reports and dashboards. We can create a dashboard for you, accessible on your phone, which can give you notifications with all sorts of financial triggers. How cool is that? We can link Power BI to Xero so it is constantly updating for that real time information. Power BI also links to various other software your company may be using, so you could access some useful non financial data. Even better, we could input additional data you may want so you can view a snapshot of that data on the go. These reports and dashboards are so beautiful. We are so excited to use Power BI for your business.


There are so many addons and partners of Xero. We have specifically highlighted this one because we at Enso are absolutely mad about it! Even if you don’t have a business, this really is fantastic. What it allows you to do is put a all your credit cards on one app and replaces them all with just one card. So you just select on the app where you want to take the payment out of. Forgot to change the card on the app? That’s fine as there is a time travel feature which lets you change the card a previous transaction went on.

The best thing about it? You guessed it, you can link your business card to Xero. So when you make a purchase, you will get a notification to take a picture of the receipt, the app will guess the type of transaction to categorise it correctly, and it all syncs into Xero. Marvelous!