‘Work in the cloud using Xero and become a lot more organised and efficient.’

Gallant are suppliers of great quality fitness equipment for people who look after themselves and want the body beautiful. Their products are purpose-built to be easy to use,  tough and reliable allowing fitness fans to meet their goals. They have been in business since 20?? and are experiencing excellent growth and brand presence.  Like many SME businesses things moved so fast for Gallant they found it hard to keep on top of things. Gallant needed to get control of their finances. Keeping their business fighting fit for their exciting future.

Fit For Purpose?

Like many rapidly growing businesses the company had inadequate financial controls. They were using a bookkeeping company and manual processes. Typically, at year-end they provided their accountants with the bag full of receipts for their purchases.  Happily, they did have a computerised sales system that helped them to track sales and stock.  Before their accounting became too challenging, they decided to implement Xero.

They wanted everything to be as easy and automated as possible. This would allow them to seamlessly manage all their finances, particularly their bank accounts and PayPal transactions. Again, like similar businesses they had to acquire new skills. Important things like journal entry and how to input sales and payroll. They were also accounting for cash sales rather than actual sales and didn’t understand the importance of a holistic view of sales data.  They wanted to change this to ensure everything is accounted for properly. They chose Enso to help with the change.

The Move To Xero

As with all projects, analysis was required to ensure every aspect was accounted for. This work included how to manage a petty cash account as  many purchases were paid with cash. Often the directors needed pull cash out, so we also needed to make sure the DLA accounts were correctly set up and this aspect remained compliant. The complete project including analysis, training and post implementation checks took a little over two days over a few weeks. Perfectly demonstrating that choosing to use Xero early in your business development is quick and convenient and hassle-free. A few weeks later, the bank feeds were in place and Gallant was ready for easy accounting in the future. Now they can effortlessly file VAT returns, manage their fixed assets and produce monthly P&L reports. Their year-end accounts, expenses and corporation tax returns now take hours rather than days. The Gallant team are now free to grow their business safe in the knowledge their accounts are in safe hands.  We’re proud to say that Gallant are now a permanent client of Enso, we are providing quarterly VAT, year end accounts and corporation tax advice.

Their CEO Ijaz Hussain commented:

‘Adam has allowed us to work in the cloud using Xero and become a lot more organised and efficient with our finances. Adam’s on-hand support let us learn the system very quickly and we are really happy. Adam is always there for us if we need more support.

Hopefully, when we grow we can use more services from Enso. We are delighted with the overall service received. We cannot recommend highly enough


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