Do You Need An Experienced Xero Accountant?

12th Aug 2019

I blame Monty Python.  Before they started to take the mickey out of chartered accountants, it was considered a noble and worthy profession.  It still is of course, but since John Cleese et al. had a go, there’s always the undertow of it being a tad boring. We all want to be lion tamers it […]

Accounting For The Fashion Industry

29th Jul 2019

Fashion or clothing is one of the oldest industries known to humankind. Since the dawn of civilisation, we’ve needed clothes to protect us from the elements. As the centuries have gone by it’s evolved into what we now call fashion.    Fast Fashion Today, depending on who you’re speaking to, it’s also referred to as […]

5 Bizarre Products We Pay VAT On

15th Jul 2019

If you read my recent blog, you’ll have a good understanding of what VAT is and how it affects your business. Even now, I doubt you enjoy calculating and paying your VAT return. The sensible amongst you will leave it to your accountant to sort it out, but, alas, there’s no avoiding it. Sorry about […]

Funny Things A Customer Asks For In The Restaurant Industry

1st Jul 2019

As well as being a trailblazing accountant, I’m also a part-time restaurateur. An Interesting combination I’m sure you’ll agree. I quite enjoy the change of pace between the two professions. My accountancy work needs to be exacting and methodical to ensure my clients get a proactive service that maximises the finances in their business.  The […]

VAT – Should We Or Shouldn’t We?

23rd Apr 2019

VAT – Should We Or Shouldn’t We? One of the most common questions I am asked by my clients and other SMEs I meet is: should I register for VAT and what’s the benefit? I can’t blame them. VAT is one of those taxes that can be as complex as a Gordian knot and the […]

R&D Tax Credits – Are SMEs Missing Out?

4th Apr 2019

R&D Tax Credits – Are SMEs Missing Out? If someone to sidles up to you and offers you some free, legal money it would be strange to refuse this seemingly no strings offer.  Yet there are thousands of UK companies doing just that. They are effectively saying no to a cash injection for their business. […]

Accounting and Fitness, can the two really be alike?

12th Feb 2019

Accounting and Fitness, can the two really be alike? I know what you are probably thinking, accounting and fitness couldn’t possibly have any similarities. Well, that’s where you are incorrect. Accountancy must be a well-oiled machine, just like the way fitness helps you run smoothly. Working with Alistair Mills has really opened up my eyes […]

How buying a Tesla can save you tax!

14th Jan 2019

How buying a Tesla can save you tax! In case you’ve been living in a cave – the last few years Tesla has been dominating the market with their self driving cars and their very ambitious founder, Elon Musk. My personal take on a Tesla: best car I’ve ever driven. It really is a fantastic […]

Making Tax Digital is Coming!

1st Aug 2018

I’m sure you have heard of Making Tax Digital somewhere, be it friends or LinkedIn. Hopefully this guide will help you understand exactly what it is and how it will effect you.