Accounting and Fitness, can the two really be alike?

I know what you are probably thinking, accounting and fitness couldn’t possibly have any similarities. Well, that’s where you are incorrect. Accountancy must be a well-oiled machine, just like the way fitness helps you run smoothly. Working with Alistair Mills has really opened up my eyes as to how our businesses are comparable in day to day life.

Regular exercise improves your overall health and focus, that is not news to any of us. Having regular account upkeep can have the same benefits to your life. Keeping up to date on your accounts will result in less stress and free up more time to enjoy aspects of your life. When you exercise you begin to build up stamina which results in being able to focus on tasks longer. More regular fitness equals better sleep, consistent accounting will do the same. By making sure your accounts are always up to date you won’t be up all night worrying.

Just like fitness should be a life-style adjustment, so should staying on top of your accounts. We all know fad and fast diets are short-lived, so why should your finances be the same? By staying consistent and up to date with both of these important aspects of your life will surely equal a happier life.


, Accounting and Fitness, can the two really be alike?


Alistair has this to say:

Success in a training program comes down to a few basic elements:

  1. A Vision

Figure out what you want, when you want it and make sure the reason ‘why’ is really strong.

  1. A Plan

Any goal requires a step by step plan with regular reviews to track the progress.

  1. An Expert

Amateurs learn from their own mistakes, pro’s learn from other people’s. Get a pro in your corner and increase productivity.

  1. Continuous Learning

Find someone to take the journey with you who’s passionate about improving, who comes up with new ideas and motivates you.


Finding a good accountant can help you execute a vision for your business, saving you time and money in the process. Just like a trainer can help you you achieve your fitness goals.


How can Enso help?

We are happy to give you a free consultation where we can review your finances and take the stress away from you. Contact us on 07792686479 or  adam@meetenso.co.uk for more details.

If you would like to talk to a fitness expert, email Alistair on alistair@swimnow.co.uk for details.

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